A brighter future for kids in Marereni

Growing up is tough. And its a lot tougher for those who don’t attend school and receive a decent education. A decent education will allow kids to develop and learn new social skills as well as give them a better understanding about the world around them. This leads to them having access to more job opportunities, relationships, and a better understanding of the resources they have at their disposal.

In 1988, Krrystalline Salt constructed a primary school in Marereni as part of their commitment to contribute towards improving the standards of education that are available. Located in a neighboring community, construction began first with 2 classrooms. In 2003, they finished building an administration block as well as 15 additional classrooms. A water tank was also provided above the gate of the school along with a fence that was put up in 2016. Till today, the company continue to contribute annually to the school in the form of school furniture and books. Currently the school educates 1780 students.