A look at Nyeri’s health

On the 1st and 2nd of December 2014 we conducted a medical camp with GCN, The Ministry of Health, and the County Government of Nyeri. The camp took place at the Nyeri Town Health Centre.

During the camp a total of 762 people were screened and treated for various illnesses by the Ministry of Health. In addition, over 200 people were tested in the VCT facility at the hospital.

During the post analysis of the medical camp the following briefing was communicated by the doctor in charge of the medical camp;

  • 13 persons were found to be diabetic out of which one was in critical condition. He was referred to Nyeri District Hospital and was assisted by the Nyeri County ambulance that was on stand by.
  • 215 people used the VCT services
  • 196 children were assessed by the EARC personnel and given assessment reports for placement in schools.
  • 572 persons with disabilities attended the medical camp and were treated for various illnesses.


Nyeri med camp