2006-2007 Mangrove Restoration Effort

Krystalline Salt took part in a mangrove tree planting program held on Robinson Island. The main aim of this initiative was to maintain the mangrove belt along the coastline. This program was implemented in 2006 and 2007 and was organized by the local communities of Robinson Island who we took pride in collaborating with.

Mangroves are one of the most productive and bio diverse forms of forest on our planet. Mangroves create a natural form of protections against waves. They also protect against soil erosion.

According to experts, mangrove trees store over 18 million metric tons of carbon per year.  Mangrove trees protect coral reefs by trapping mud sediments within their root networks preventing them from smothering the reefs.

The ability to support and nourish marine life leads to local communities gaining an extra source of income and sustenance from fishing.

Mangroves are also used for producing natural medicine used for treating ailments such as stomach and skin problems..

Currently research is being carried out to try and use genes from mangrove plants to build resistances to saline environments for other plants to solve food security issues in the world.