How Salt Is Made… An Overview



Common salt (Sodium Chloride) is produced all over the world either by solar evaporation or through mining. At Krystalline Salt Ltd, salt harvesting is purely through solar evaporation,  in the sense that no chemicals are added during the production of salt. The whole operation mainly depends on solar evaporation along with the regulation of the flow of brine through a series of evaporators, condensers, and crystallizers.

Water is moved to evaporators and condensers. Here the water gets evaporated by the sun leaving behind a concentrated solution known as brine.

4 months later (depending on the weather) whats left in the evaporators and condensers are sparkly shimmering salt crystals which are harvested and loaded onto trucks. We call these salt crystallizers.



The trucks transport the freshly harvested salt to the factory where it is washed and stored as a giant heap.

The salt is then moved into the factory where it is washed again (except for our Coarse Salt), sprayed with iodine, crushed, dried, and sorted by size.

The salt then moves onto our packing section where it is packed and loaded for transport to its various destinations.

And that is the basics. Other processes include managing and maintaining salinity levels, microorganism levels, and quality.