Alternative Energy with solar panels in Kenya

By The Power Of Solar

The location of our Salt refinery in the sub-town Gongoni, Kilifi, brings about various rewards and challenges. Some of the rewards being the abundance of sunlight, pleasant weather, clean air, etc. A major challenge involves electric power stability. It was therefore only natural that we thought about harnessing solar energy to stabilize our power supply,[…]

International Women's Day Workshop

International Women’s Day

In preparation of International Women’s Day on March 8th, leading directors of various companies in Kenya were invited to a training held by the IFC and UN Women. This corporate governance leadership workshop mainly dealt with how women need to prepare for going into senior director positions. According to the workshop, Kenya is doing pretty[…]


How Salt Is Made… An Overview

    Common salt (Sodium Chloride) is produced all over the world either by solar evaporation or through mining. At Krystalline Salt Ltd, salt harvesting is purely through solar evaporation,  in the sense that no chemicals are added during the production of salt. The whole operation mainly depends on solar evaporation along with the regulation of the flow of[…]

Herb garden in greenhouse

Our Agriculture Department

“Did you know we have an agriculture department? “ “Well sure, salt is food so…” “But we grow a bunch of fruits and vegetables” “What?! Why?!” “Sustainability my friend, sustainability.”   At Krystalline Salt, we encourage all our employees to have kitchen gardens. A kitchen garden is a little garden you would have to grow[…]

Secondary school in Gongoni alongside sink holes

Student Sponsorship

We have managed to sponsor a large number of students from various backgrounds in order to help them achieve their goals with academics. The students we sponsor are selected by a Corporate Social Responsibility committee comprising of members of the community and members of other organizations.  On average, Krystalline salt sponsors 2 new children every year.[…]

Cows grazing among st casuarina trees on farm

Our Out-Growers Program

In 2013, as part of our focus on the environment, we started tree planting exercises in Marereni and Gongoni. Over 841,211 casuarina plants have already been planted in Marereni and Gongoni. We have also planted over 1,650 bamboo trees in Gongoni. We have also established an Out-Grower program with local farmers to grow trees. We[…]